House for sale: 15+ documents to have on hand

August 12, 2017
When the moment comes to put your house on the market, you can easily feel kind of lost from all the documents you will need to prepare. Here's an explicit list to help you for this task.

31 home staging tips to help you sell your house rapidly

July 31, 2017
We have a prepared a list for you with 31 tips and tricks that you must follow in order to sell your home rapidly!

Selling your house rapidly in 2018: maximize its visibility!

July 16, 2017
If your are selling with the help of a real estate agent or not, you really should make an effort to maximize the visibility of your property for sale. Let's see how you can be visible everywhere and on every type of media.

Purchasing land, everything you need to know before you close the deal

July 8, 2017
Purchasing a lot to eventualy build your dream home is a more complex process than you might think. Learn the steps you need to follow, what elements have to be checked and the traps to avoid.

A perfect story about two properties matching

July 7, 2017
Learn how three owners were able to sell rapidly thanks to Immo-Match

What is Immo-Match?

July 5, 2017
This blog article explains to you what is Immo-Match and how it can help you sale one or multiple properties either if you are a real estate broker or an owner. We will show you how it works and the advantages to use it.

Immo-Match wins the Ose Entreprendre entrepreneurship contest

April 28, 2017
Immo-Match wins the regional position at Ose Entreprendre entrepreneurship contest in the Technological innovation category.